Welcome to Chantilly Belle!

A message from owner, Veronica

My family has been in the dress making business for 80 years.  Playing dress up in the boutique is one of my fondest childhood memories. It's also what fueled my desire to open Chantilly Belle.

Growing up in the family business, you could say that I developed a critical shopping perspective. Living and breathing the dressmaking process from designing, to pattern making, from sewing to finishing, I’ve learned to look for three things in every piece I buy: great fit, excellent workmanship and affordability. You will also find these in every Chantilly Belle creation. 


Proper fitting pieces are of utmost importance to me, especially because I am a plus size woman.  I believe there is no better confidence booster than feeling good in a dress that flatters your figure no matter the size. The quality of workmanship is also vital because a deft hand can turn the humblest fabrics into works of art. Many of us dream of silk but live on a budget made for cotton and denim. Skilled dressmakers bridge that gap. Lastly, luxurious fit, excellent quality and artful design must all come at a price but not one that will break the bank.


I’d like to invite you to shop through our collection of infinity dresses, mommy and me outfits, wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. I hope they will make you feel as beautiful and blissful as I did when we created them.


Remember, from your special day to your everyday, there’s a perfect Chantilly Belle for you.