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The Art of Dressing for the Home

How dressing up everyday even if you have nowhere to go will make you feel better inside and out

Some days – who am I kidding? MOST days – there’s no reason to get out of my robe and pajamas. The kids are doing preschool at home, we shop for groceries online, that’s our new normal.

But as sure as the sun rises, there will always be a lengthy to-do list of responsibilities. We can choose to dread and complain about it, or to welcome it with energy and optimism. And it all begins with this simple act of self-care.

Sometimes it is easier said than done, but every time I make the effort to change out of my PJs, I literally feel a weight off my shoulders. I am hopeful and ready to face whatever the day brings me.

So I pose this challenge:

Take ten minutes to dress up and pamper yourself every day. It’s the same amount of time we usually spend looking at social media or making a cup of coffee. Why go through the effort? Because it matters.

It feels good to look at the mirror bright eyed and bushy tailed. I discovered how much this affects my approach to the rest of the day. By accomplishing this small task, I am encouraged to accomplish something bigger.

Here are some simple ways to dress up for the home:

A comfy shirt and leggings are great, but why not add some earrings and a scarf to the mix?

Go and put on that cute sundress you love. Pair it with your favorite cardigan and maybe even a hat! Working out at home? Wear some fun lipstick and mascara to brighten up your look (It's your right to look cute while sweating!)

What do you think? How can you spice up your go-to outfits at home? Please share them with us!

We’re on Instagram, Facebook and email. If you have any questions, please reach out. We’re always here whether it is to help you find that perfect dress or just share ideas on how to celebrate YOU!

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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