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YOU are beautiful NOW

There is one thing I have heard almost every woman say regardless of whether she is a size 24 or size 2:

"I wish I was thinner… I plan on losing a few more pounds before (insert special occasion – wedding, birthday, travel, etc)."

It’s great to have goals. We should all aspire to be better, especially when it comes to our health, but why do we have to wait to reach that goal to validate ourselves? It’s as if we aren’t good enough now and this has to stop!

I say this but I know the struggle is real. I feel it every day. In the last 2 years I've gained over twenty pounds. For me, the hardest thing to do is look at a photo of myself, because all I see is what looks wrong – my cheeks are too round, one eye is smaller than the other…. I seriously could go on all day, but I will stop. I deserve better, so do you and I think I have a simple exercise that can help.

I encourage each of you to stand tall in front of a mirror and find 3 things you love about yourself. And because I know you can’t avoid it, list down 1 thing you wish you could change, BUT, only one. When you’ve come up with your list, I want you to put together a head-to-toe look that hides what you don’t love and highlights what you do love.

Let me give you an example:

I love my shoulders so my ideal outfit would have a halter neckline or something with off-the-shoulder sleeves. I also like my calves so I tend to wear dresses with a hi-lo hem or something right above the knee. Lastly, I love my big brown eyes so recently, I’ve made more of an effort to work on my eye makeup. On days when I’m too lazy to get dolled up, I still try to put some mascara on my lashes and some shade on my brows.

Now, for what I DON’T like. I wish I could change my body shape. I tell you, when I look in the mirror, all I see is a brick. I have no shape! But no longer will I let this stop me from feeling good about myself.

A “brick” shape as I like to call it basically means there’s no curves to my silhouette. To remedy that, I like to wear fit-and-flare dresses that are fitted on the torso but have a billowy skirt. I also like to wear anything with heels between 2 and 4 inches to help elongate my figure.. all five feet and two inches of it!

I challenge you to make this list and I would love to hear from you! Reach out to me and let’s put some outfits together and have fun celebrating you.

Remember, you don’t have to wait till you lose those extra 15 pounds to feel good about yourself. YOU are beautiful NOW and always.

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